TUMAGNOSTIC – Three key academic publications on CP-506

TUMAGNOSTIC – Three key academic publications on CP-506

Several academic centers have collaborated with Convert Pharmaceuticals to expand knowledge about its main compound, CP-506, and the biomarkers that will enable selection of patients that would most benefit from the hypoxia activated prodrug under investigation. These research efforts have recently led to three key peer-reviewed academic publications which are referenced here-under.

The results from the first paper1, published in 2021, demonstrate that CP-506 selectively targets hypoxic tumor cells and has broad antitumor activity.

The second paper2, published in 2022, focusses on the in vivo identification of Adducts from CP-506. The resulting in vitro data suggests that the structural changes performed on CP-506 improved the drug selectivity toward hypoxic conditions compared to its predecessor PR-104, as shown by more adducts being detected in anoxic versus normoxic treatment, but did not completely eliminate its ability to react directly with DNA enabling a bystander-effect.

This favorable bystander efficiency of the new generation pro-drug has been further studied using in silico spatially-resolved pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (SR-PK/PD) modelling and spheroid co-cultures for validation. The results of this study, demonstrating the favourable pharmacological properties of CP-506 in tumour tissue, have been published in a third recently published paper3.

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